Competitive Intelligence


Competitive intelligence means many things to many people. To us it means the proactive work we can do for our clients to provide them with an edge over their competitors in the talent market.

Competitive intelligence can take many forms (salary surveys, market maps, unseen opportunities to access previously inaccessible talent) and is different for every client. However, they all stem from one thing, Commodity leveraging its access to a deep network of commodity professionals. Using our position as trusted advisors we are privileged to have access to the honest opinions and appraisals of market participants.

This, overlaid with the obsessive collection of data we are known for, allows us to provide the competitive intelligence you need to gain that edge over your competitors.
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Talent changes tracked in 2018
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Bespoke intelligence projects completed in 2018

Recent Competitor Insight Projects

Competitor A

An inside look at the Argentinian oilseeds market and to report back on how traders were rewarded in comparison to their Brazilian counterparts.

Competitor B

A focus on Risk Management, building a picture of current trends across commodities risk in terms of experience, sector focus and size of teams.

Competitor C

A view on the competition for talent in gas and power across Europe, taking in hedge funds, trading houses, banks and utilities.

Competitor D

An analysis on differences between pay structures ahead of the integration of offices in two different locations.

Case Study: Reward Study – Peer Specific

We undertook an in-depth salary benchmarking exercise on behalf of a European energy merchant. The client sought to compare its trading group with specific competitors within their market place. This survey took place prior to the client’s internal compensation review process in order to provide a foundation on which it could base its decisions. A list of companies in the European Gas & Power sector was agreed with the client and Commodity then identified and engaged 161 relevant targets within these organisations at specific seniority levels. Once the survey was completed, the findings were verified and contextualised by conducting in-depth interviews with senior figures from the European energy community. The results were delivered with specific recommendations for each of those benchmarked within the client’s business.