Search as a hiring strategy can be effective, applied to any level of seniority although mostly associated with senior hires. We see it as a proactive way of filling roles where the talent availability is constrained and/or the talent pool opaque. A well-executed search brings stacks of information and ultimately allows companies to make better-informed hiring decisions. Search is research based and the fundamental premise is to delve into the peer groups to canvass confidential views, recommendations and inside information relating to professionals. Critical to this approach is peer group trust, allowing access to information, views and opinions from inside the audiences.

We are fond of data as you may have already concluded from some of our talent articles. Needless to say that our bespoke search reports are always rich on insights into your competitor landscape.

Our approach, at a glance.

Case Study: Global Commodity Trader

Partnering with the shareholder founders who had an ambitious vision of creating a substantial global trading business across multiple commodity verticals. This entailed identifying senior executives and key business builders across the globe, populating teams across trading, origination, research, logistics, risk and analytics. The research was completed on a strictly confidential basis and outside the spotlight of the media and competitors. This approach allowed our client to hit the ground running with a successful team, multiple offices and locations against a very aggressive timetable. We remain a close advisor of this client to this day.

Case Study: Merchant Utility

We have had a successful partnership with this leading European merchant utility since 2008. Their origination-led merchant utility strategy has seen them establish successful hubs across Europe. Over the years our partner role has placed us representing them in new territories helping assemble winning teams in Nordics, Benelux, and United Kingdom. Furthermore we have helped them secure leaders and key strategic hires in the Swiss head office and Germany. More recently we partnered with their leadership team in establishing from scratch a presence in the US involving an extensive search across the ERCOT and PJM regions. This has culminated in successfully piecing together a first-class start-up team tasked with establishing their trading and origination activities in the US markets.

Working with Commodity is working with a partner. They seek to create opportunities for both candidate and client, working closely with both parties to achieve great results. In my opinion, the key to their success is this highly proactive and professional approach, backed up by a thorough knowledge of the commodity business itself. I would not have my job or indeed any team if it had not been for the efforts of Commodity! Domenico Franceschino, Managing Director
Worked in close exclusive partnership with the European leadership team in helping shape the talent strategy for the US build out. This involved a close examination of the talent pools in both Texas and North East. Identifying, referencing, validating and hiring a highly respected 7 man start up team in NYC including CEO and Heads of Legal, Ops, Trading, Origination, Quant, Finance. The search was completed in approximately 12 months and included the comprehensive assessment of 102 traders as well as 104 originators across the ERCOT and PJM regions.
“I have personally known and partnered with Jakob at Commodity on several occasions and on a number of key leadership hires since 2006. He is a proven trusted partner and valued talent advisor to me as well as to my organisation” Domenico de Luca, Member of the Executive board

Case Study: Global Oil Trader

This was a single mandated search where we provided market discovery across the Americas in the naphtha space. A highly confidential search where every step was agreed in advance by the client. Our task was to prepare detailed overviews of the players in this product vertical in the US and Latam region and to present the talent structures within those areas. In close collaboration with the client we agreed targets and the market message and tailored process around each one.